Our Story

Our story spans several generations, continents, countries and many, many cities. Born from a hustler's spirit in 1995 by Rokia Diarra, Yamacu was started out of necessity to provide and support her newly immigrated family of 9 children and 4 grandchildren due to a lack of transferrable skills and language in a new country.

Salimata Bangoura

From Mali but raised in Flint MI, Salimata (re) founded Yamacu while getting her MBA at Babson College. A passionate advocate of anti hunger and social justice, this busy and proud mother of three, believes that as the cradle of humanity, Africa has a lot to teach the rest of the world, and there is no better or more fun way to learn about this beautiful and diverse continent than through the power of food.

By supporting Salimata and Rokia's hard work, you are helping local entrepreneurs, women and minorities committed to giving back to their communities both local and global.

Our Impact-Driven Work

25 Years Of Innovation

Our newest line of products are  cold-pressed ginger based Yamacu drinks. Made with fresh ginger root, lemon and pineapple base with Rokia's recipe, this refreshing drink can be consumed a variety of ways - and what started as a West-African Ginger Drink has evolved beyond to include facets of cultures from all over the world!